bashful muteness

no class tomorrow! because some leftover people have still to sit the SPSS exxxam (I wish I could’ve taken it after he TOLD US HOW in the lecture yesterday). that means… no class ’til next year!
halloween tomorrow! i’ve been invited to a partie; guess whether or not I will go.

I’ve 4our goldfish: two i’ve had for over a year, and are simply huge; the white one is referred to as “the shark.” then there is a medium-sized prettie and sleek brown one with patterns. and then there is a very small and chubby fantail. the fantail is my favourite, because he’s missing some fins. swimming is much harder for him and he has to really push with his half-fantail. when I feed them I watch avidly, and always cheer on fantail because the other fishes always get to the food before he can.. he always gets less. but today he was awesome and got heaps! yay!

today was Sarah’s presentation night but I couldn’t go ’cause I had class. not that I probably would’ve gone anyway.
that must be bad English.
I helped her pick out a dress though, rather than going to the lecture. she was so worried that someone would show up wearing the same one.

in the tutorial today Dionne asked for feedback, because this was her first time teaching forensics. I said it was great and perfect. someone complained about divided group discussions, that we should discuss as a whole class, which is more structured. Dionne said that didn’t work though because then two or three people do all the talking and everyone else sits in bashful muteness. I told her how in anthropology, at the end of the tute, we go ’round the circle and everyone says something about the topic no matter how trivial, and that it makes people bring up wonderful points they would otherwise keep all for themselves in their bashful muteness.
k so I just like bashful muteness.
she said “but you never speak up in lifespan, why?”
“because i’m not interested in lifespan.”
“oh okay. but if I asked you directly, would you speak up?”
“yes, because it’s less embarrassing to have something to say than to blush and answer ‘dunno,’ even if you just make it up as you go along.”
and she thanked me profusely and said she’d give me HDs. well she didn’t say it, but i’m assuming.

and I had the longest conversation so far with Kai. she told me what they’d been told in the lecture about the exam, which i’d probably have failed without. we talked about whether chocolate is addictive and causes unsightly blemish. and about hairstyles, because mine was falling into my eyes every 5seconds and obviously bothering me.