98th percentile

well! today I spent working on assignment. i’m almost finished my third piece; by the end of the night I will be finished no matter how sleep-longing.

but.. Carrie is on tonight! 1am, don’t let me forget. i’ll tape it. it’s 10:30 now, heaps of time before it starts.

then.. leaving at 9am tomorrow to do shopping, and Sarah’s JCU audition at 1pm.

I forgot to mention that mumm and Trina are friends again. Trina rang two days later as though nothing had happened, and a word hasn’t been said about it since.

I would dearly love to do a visual arts degree. i’ll schedule it for the mid-to-far-future, after my first one is paid and i’m a doctor, of course.

got my STAT results back today: 98th percentile. which means I scored better than 98% who’ve sat the test.

after last night’s tutorial, which was funn, I decided to write to Miranda after all:

Hi [Miranda],

This is in regards to [Michelle]’s request for feedback on [Dionne]’s professionalism in tutorials.

I thought I should say that I have had [Dionne] in two subjects this year and have found her to consistently be a supportive, pleasant, approachable and entirely professional tutor. I was present at the tutorial in question, and consider [Dionne]’s response to the situation entirely appropriate. Any mention of attempted humiliation or disrespect is absurd. I hope that [Dionne] continues to teach next year.

[Michelle] mentioned confidentiality several times, however frankly I don’t care who knows what I think on this matter. 🙂

[i’ve changed names, obviously]