disinhibited! what imbeciles. the other night, too, someone said unformal. *disdain*
in other news, I accidentally cut myself. and it was entirely accident. my right index pointer! bandaids around the tips of fingers are very idiotic.

you know, I haven’t worked in over a month. they haven’t called me and I don’t want to call them, because it means i’ll have to work. unless i’ve been fired and they just haven’t told me. but that’s silly, because the last time I talked to Leonard he asked me to do more.
I like working when i’m working, but still dread it when i’m not.

well! today. I got a lift to uni. instead of revising for next weeks fearsome stats exxxam, we did a pointless, waste of time experiment testing “whether two heads are better than one,” which involved playing a vocabulary game. since i’m currently in possession of the most extensive vocabulary in Australasia, I got my words in less than 6 guesses each, even the unfamiliar one, and I was only one head, so there, all those loser two heads who took 30 guesses.
one great big swollen head.
my unfamiliar word was “tacit.”
but, despite my fabulous outlier performance, two heads were generally indeed better than one. so there you go. except that little piece of enlightenment is not worth failing the spss exam.

I haven’t bathed in three days.
i’m reading Rising Sun. I would like to know what the Japanese think of this book.
oh, and it’s Veronica’s 3rd birthday. we’re going to her partie tomorrow. I got her a barbie handbag and a hi5 rainbow tshirt. she loves that show. I hate it because they make hi5 brand yoghurt and now 3year old kids refuse to eat any other kind of yoghurt.

how many times have I used the word “hate” in this blog? it’s so .. emphatic.

not a shopper

gloriously welcome free day! jcu was on strike due to changes to be implemented in hecs (higher education contribution scheme, which pays for people like me to go to uni, then when we start earning $28,000pa we start paying it back) which will render a degree from australia the most expensive in the worlde.

but, of course, I can never seem to sleep in when i’m allowed. so despite keeping my eyes furiously shut for an hour after waking, got up at 5am anyway. the day stretched before me like an endless path of hot coals banked on either side by oceans of fire harbouring hungry fire-sharks. I caught the bus into town. the distracted and most likely deranged driver charged me an adult fare, and most certainly deranged me just paid it.

driving past the uni there was a large crowd of picketers who had blocked off the road into campus. anything slightly unusual is fascinating! but I didn’t get off. I went and saw Kill Bill, which was only ok. a new outrageous clothing shop has opened called Shiva Moon, conspicuously close to Shanti Shanti, Fetish 4 Life and some other outrageous clothing shop with a similarly absurd name. I didn’t go in, because I peeked through the window and there was nobody in there apart from the person working. I hate being the only shopper in a shop. not that I am a shopper.

tea party ponies!

writing this entrie a day late; shame on me.

took Chloe-joob to be clipped, now that it is getting hot. she has the biggest fur ever. had… she is now one third her former size, and looks malnourished. only because i’m used to seeing her look overweight. I had no idea it was all hair. she makes Lila look gargantuan. Lila, it was her first time home without Chloe. she didn’t take it well, and dug grave-sized holes all over.

while she was being clipped I stepped into k-mart. I only ever look at the books and toys in k-mart. and you’ll never believe what I found, dear darling text-editor. tea party ponies! the my little kind, of course. i’ll take a picture tomorrow. i’m the luckiest girl there ever was.

except I had bad allergies when I got home, for all the rest of the day. all the antihistamine in the world didn’t help.

stolen hair

a girl at uni I never really liked, she was in my sociology class, has dyed her hair pink.
that theif. that hair-colour theif. last year she’d complimented my pink hair every time she saw me.
and now she’s stolen it. pink is MINE. I hate her.

received back some marks. anthropology exam: 80%, which is a distinction. forensics exam: 84%. which is ONE percent off a high distinction. arr. those heinously cruel blokes.

(I didn’t know what to call them so looked in my dictionary. it has cocksucker and motherfucker. (obscene) insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous, except under cocksucker it also has a person who performs fellatio. but “bloke” is a much better insulting term of address, seeing it’s only insulting when I use it. k so i’m bad at insulting.)

oh yes, my email has been bouncing for like 5 days, except it hasn’t been bouncing everything, only some things, so I didn’t notice it until now. it only took 1second to fix, but I lost 10million terribly important emails, I can feel it in my toes.

i’m reading Sphere again. i’ve reread this book more times than any other book, ever, and I love it twice as much each time.

best date

hurrah! the 13th!
finished the report today. when printed out, including the appendix, it was 20 pages. I didn’t want to hand it in, it was so lovelie.

and just now I removed some very old parts of oeuvre on this site, and changed a few bits. some of it is so childish and stupid.
well, most of it.

I forgot to go to the forensics tutorial rescheduled for tonight because of the strike on thursday. silly me.
anthropology Sierra told me today she’d gotten extensions on her assignments because her best friend had died a year ago this week. she also mentioned, quite matter of factly, that she cries herself to sleep every night. next breath she said “you know, my name spelt backwards is ‘harass.’ do you need a lift home?”
most wonderful girl!

I was upset today, for a bit, I can’t remember why. my sister can be quite malicious when she spots weakness. which i’ve lots! of
sometimes I have very violent thoughts in response. I once told her how, when she was around 4 and being a pain, I imagined myself smacking her so hard she slammed into a wall and slid to the floor, leaving a trail of pulpy blood. she reminds me of it now and then.

oh! it rained! for the first time in 6 months. rain calls up such smells after drought, flowers burst instantly to life.

STAT test

I woke up and was curled in a ball thinking “oh how glad I am that I can lie here for 10hours if I want.”
then, out of nowhere, because I hadn’t thought of it at all for a week, and had even said to mumm yesterday, “no, I won’t come out with you tomorrow because i’m going to stay home all day writing my report,” the words “STAT test” popped into my brain. i’ve never leapt out of bed so fast! so I just got there in time, ’cause it began at 9:30 and the leaping occurred at about 9.

it lasted for two hours, and I spent the whole time worrying I was missing vital ingredients to all the questions, because they were too easy. suspiciously easy. even on the trick questions the correct, untricky answer was obvious. i’m still sure on half of them i’d missed something. there was only one hard one… and I can’t remember it.

then I re-enrolled at JCU for next year. I realised that i’ve done 9 units more than my degree requires so far, so next year I only have to do 21! which is 7 courses rather than eight. usually I do four courses per semester. so, these are my courses:

Subject Title Sem
PY2101 Brain and Behaviour 1
PY2111 Learning and Behaviour 1
PY2112 Memory and Cognition 1
PY3101 Advanced Behavioural Research Design and Analysis 1
PY3106 Theoretical Foundations of Modern Psychology 2
PY3107 Introductory Psychometrics, Assessment and Ethics 2
PY3110 Human Sensation and Perception 2

then, the year after that, I do four courses in semester 1, and only 1 in semester 2! and then I am finished! maybe. if I get invited to do an honours year, I will definitely do it. because all postgraduate study requires a fourth undergraduate year. but to get into honours I need a distinction average on all my core subjects. at the moment my average is only.. somewhere between a credit and distinction, I guess. not good enough.

it’s only 5:30pm and i’m already writing a day entry. I must be avoiding my lab report. šŸ™‚
i’ve written 400 words! of 2000. alright! i’ll do it. right now.

this is a love song

I did go, of course; I am my new, responsible me. I met my group girls at Jac’s, the coffee shop the gossipers frequent and I avoid, and we hastily put together a presentation. I also even went to the campus gay and lesbian association and got heaps of pamphlets and stuff to hand out. ours was the only one she didn’t criticise, but it was addressed at uni students whereas most of the others were supposed to be addressed at adolescents and academics suck at addressing at adolescents so that’s mostly what she criticised in everyone else’s.

heaps of people didn’t turn up because they’re scared of presentations. so she said that everyone who did can write it up and hand it in as part of the major assignment. hurrah! that means i’ve done one-sixth the assignment before even beginning. it’s not due for a month yet so i’m leaving that one for last.

wish I could snap out of this horrid mood i’ve been in, am in.

pass the parcel

you put on some music, sit in a circle and pass around a parcel. the parcel has anĀ indeterminableĀ number of layers of wrapping. a responsible adult is off in the corner with the stereo, and every now and then hits the stop button. whoever has the parcel when the music stops gets to take off one layer of wrapping, after which the responsible adult hits play and the parcel is passed on. this continues, excitement building as the parcel gets smaller and pointier, until lucky last unwraps the final layer and wins the prize within.

wins the prize within. wins the prize within. wins the prize within. wins the prize within.

my brain is uncomfortable in my head again. I used to think trephination would help; let ghosts fly out or something. skull needs an exorcism hole. a one-way door.

I haven’t been answering my presentation-group’s emails. haven’t prepared anything. the presentation is tomorrow. maybe i won’t go.

on silly

I spent so much money today on silly today. but I did get things I need, too. but I also got a care bear pencil case and um a colouring book and an angel and some gloves and..

Katrina is applying for a newsagency slash tourdesk slash internet cafe. imagine how fun that would be. she wants us to think of a name other than “clifton news and tours,” because it will be in clifton beach in the new shopping centre.

finished my anthropology essay yay. classes start again tomorrow. xentrik gets over 100 new hits a day. if I move to Brisbane what oh what will become of Lie-lah? I read an article on infibulation today that made me cry. why can’t I sleep? I love love.