my confirmation name is Teresa

went to bed hours ago so very tired, but instead of sleeping I change positions every 2 minutes. so.

all I did today was work on my lifespan paper, due tomorrow. i’ve finished it, I suppose, but am dreadfully unhappy with the last piece. but am stuck and just can’t fix it. maybe i’ll be able to in the morning.

in between doing that I watched Poltergeist and What Women Want and helped Sarah with her English essay, which she has to memorise and write under exxxam conditions tomorrow. I have to do the same thing for anthropology, so told her my special trick for memorising a whole essay for a day, after which it dissolves into your bloodstream to nourish your .. toehairs.
oh, bloodstream. I finally finished Andromeda Strain. i’d been reading two other books in between. it was better than i’d expected, better than Rising Sun; the ending is great. Tomorrow, or possibly tonight if sleep continues to elude, i’ll start Binary.

I also bought a watermelon, honeydew melon, canteloupe, pineapple, passionfruit and grapes and made the hugest fruid salad ever. I could live on fruitsalad. I also have kiwifruits and strawberries, but they are too special for salad, and peaches, but they don’t go in salad.

things to do this week:

  • clean the aquarium. oh, buy filters!
  • cajole someone into calling a pest-sprayer and have the carpet-fleas murdered. and buy some cat-flea and de-flea Buddha. oh, how painful and unfun for everyone that will be.
  • label my videotapes so people don’t tape worthless music videos and epsiodes of nypdblue over them. ugh.
  • file my nails to a consistent length.
  • move the withered fern inside, somewhere I will remember to water it every day.
  • renew some domains.
  • switch from vodafone to telstra. ’cause all my family is on telstra and it’s cheaper to ring telstra from telstra. which is sneaky, and I should switch to virgin because I love Warren. but I won’t. i’ll switch to telstra.