paper done!

printed out that paper of mine and handed it in. articles and references excluded it was 20 pages. articles and references included it was closer to 40. had a hard time finding a stapler that would hold them all together. I fixed up the one I was unhappy with a bit so I ended up being satisfied with the whole thing, but know it’s not a HD. I could write HD papers every time. I could work hard. why don’t I?
I think i’m too much in the present.

I went into town after handing it in. I bought a new hat and went to see Runaway Jury. it was pretty bad. spent the rest of the day reading, in various places, than came home and watched TV, always there for me. on the bus into Trinity Beach I saw that the bus out of Trinity Beach had crassssshed. why one I wasn’t on?

found daydream’s christmas present and half my mother’s. and something terribly frustrating: 2new christmas my little ponies are out. that’s fine, they’re rather suckful anyway. but now the ones i’ve got already come with a free video! what’s up with that?!

been getting pseudo-friendly messages from mr evil. will not deign to read more than the first line. would be glad if he’d just die. consider that a request.