slightly drunk

yesterday was melbourne cup day. I should’ve mentioned that, in the city as far away from Melbourne as you can get, lining the streets were saddening ladies in their fancy dress hats and gaudy dresses visiting one after the other various pavilions with free champagne and wide-screen TVs.

i’ve been going into the city every day, seeing movies and reading for hours at cafes. today I saw freddy vs jason, which was as awful as they get. the 3rd matrix came out but was far too full. next time; or kill bill again, i’ll probably like it better a second time.

trina and roger and ronnie came over for dinner. I shut my door, Ronnie came and opened it.
I said, “shut it.”
she said, “no.”
I said “yes.”
she said “no.”
this went on for quite a while until I got up and shut it and she started to cry. I was slightly drunk at the time.

I am more drunk now, and have been playing trivia in a chatroom for about three hours. i’m coming third out of 50 people who’ve been playing for months, apparently. I keep getting asked how old I am. now i’ll watch late-night-TV and/or videos for 10million hours ’til I can sleep.