completely flat hair. to achieve it I wear a hat for an hour after washing it.
I shouldn’t impulsively spend $200 on furniture i’ve no place for. so didn’t! 5×7 prints cost $5 each, while 4×6 are $1 (matte, white-bordered). a movie is $10 (except for cheap Tuesdays) and so is a my little pony. a happy meal is $3.95. cashews are $17 a kg.

so. so. I went Christmas shopping with mumm. she’s decided to have lunch at her house, rather than Lunico as usual, and dinner at Trina’s. for lunch she needs a new dinner set; square, silver-lined plates and bowls.. but is having trouble finding a long enough table-runner with matching placemats.

I wish I could find my Freshwater photographs. the album has disappeared, obviously stolen by some spy or other.

we went to Palm Cove for dinner, a restaurant with a flute player weaving amongst the tables. Barramundi. they argued a lot while I sank further and further into my chair, until mumm asked me for my opinion. I said, “you are being slightly irrational.”
then when Chris said, “well I didn’t shove it in your mouth” (he gave her raw meat without telling her it was raw meat, and she can’t eat faintly pink steak), I told him to shut up.
she is irrational. but he is so very maddening, half-hearted excuses, and lies all the time, badly.
they started again afterwards, at home. she was crying, and I heard her say, “I’ll get Jess to come and stick up for me.”
ee! went my brain, and I locked my door.