oh! it was only the 10th today. i’m futurish.
well! I have been very strange! I think tomorrow I really must pick up my prescription, even if only for placebo safeness. I also have to go all the way into town to pick up photos, so shall go to the theatre while i’m there.

but! stop being futurish! ok, today I.. made a new much better, and with no livejournal spying. and a fruit salad. i’m the best fruitsalad maker in the world. except it takes ages and is eaten up quick as a flash by hoards of juicy-fruit-ravenous family members.

oh yes! went and picked up my forensics essay. 82%, only 3% off an HD. and I was so scared after hearing the mean score I frogleaped all the way home. hurrah! except she wrote twice that I need to shorten my sentences. ph!

today I smoked an entire cigarette. tomorrow I shall drink an entire cup of coffee, to see which makes me feel worse. i’m thinking it will be coffee, though I still feel a bit nauseated from the cigarette.