screamingly bad

ooo! I feel fine when I wake up, positively great all morning, happy, full of productive and tasty juice. I feel fine in the afternoon, normal. then at about 5pm I start to go dowwwn, and feel just awful by midnight, screamingly bad.

so this is the first time i’ve had two entries in one day! although I am doing it early morning, tomorrow. you know if you search for “today” just about every entry comes up. 🙂

st_ranger called one of my lovejourney entries a poem, a while ago. so the other day, when I entried again, I said (tried to say), no! not poems. certainly not. anyway he took that entry (again calling it a poem), and did turn it into a poem.

I went into town to pick up my photos, and I was feeling so very joyous. practically skipping all over the place. I didn’t want to do anything for fear of it disappearing. I scribbled away in a notebook for hours and filled up my camera. after a bit I did feel (only slightly though) less, so went to see Kill Bill. have I mentioned i’m slightly in lust with Gogo Yubari?

anyway by the time I got home I felt same as always, only still more productive than usual. and you know, it’s the next morning, and I only just realised I didn’t eat anything at all yesterday. I drank a bottle of water, a bottle of diet coke, a bottle of pineapple juice, and probably around 6 glasses of cordial. how absurd.