postcards yay!

goodness! what a pro-duct-ive day. I:

  1. posted the postcards (I bought 43 stamps, 41 of those international & $1 each! but he only gave me 22, so I had to go back, and the other guy didn’t believe me and thought I was trying to scamm stamps or something).
  2. set up a dialup account on the laptop for Brisbane (my customers would miss me.. loudly).
  3. went to the orthadontist (reacted with horror when she asked if i’d like christmas colour’d bands this time. stuck with skyblue).
  4. backed up most of my sites and files onto 3 700mb CDs (too much stuff. plus I always lose my old CDs. don’t know where they all disappear to.. well. yes, I do. spies steal them, obviously)
  5. stuck carebear stickers all over the place. yay!

still haven’t packed.. leave in the morning. I am nervous about seeing relatives I haven’t seen since .. since. since I was 15 or so.

my nanna mentioned this photo on the phone the other day, so i’m getting it printed for them both. ‘cept I made them look young first. I have the cutest nannas in the world.
I look so different with short hair.