I keep thinking: what if i’ve got the date of this exam wrong and i’ve missed it? but i’ve checked the timetable 12dozen times so know I haven’t missed it. Friday the 28th. and it’s my last one! this time tomorrow I shall be! actually much earlier, because it’s at 8:45am! ee. i’ll have no time to revise in the morning as I usually do.
and I fear I shall fail miserably. experiment design is amazingly complicated.

I muchly dislike the phrase “with flying colours,” as in, “I passed with flying colours.” don’t know why, but it makes me cringe. so does the word got/gotten.


while I was filling page after page today, I was imagining that as paper is created, it dreams and aspires to be written on. and that the more important the writing that is written on it, the more proud the paper is. then I felt sorry because nothing I was writing was very important, so i’d let all those sheets of paper down. then I felt even sorrier for all the sheets of paper that are never written on at all, but are used as packaging or to start fires or something.

while at nanna Trish’s i’d mentioned in passing that I disliked watches with bracelet wristbands, not knowing that that was exactly what she’d bought me for Christmas. sigh sigh sigh.