everything for a while

oo do I ever hate buggs on the screen. I squash them to death with my tongue.

so! this day. out the front of cairns central there was a crowd of people dressed in pink protesting buying for buy nothing day, which apparently today was. I appropriately bought nothing, but my mother spent $500 on a table setting for christmas.

I don’t want to have to think about christmas presents. and it’s Sarah’s birthday in a week.
oh, yes. I am slowly growing to hate her, I think. I wrote out some dramatic thing about it but you need energy to reflect on that kind of stuff and i’ve none now. it’s 5am, that’s what time I woke up this morning!

why were they dressed in pink, of all colours? even the boys were wearing pink skirts and hats.

oh, I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre. does that count as buying something? buying entertainment. buying a use for time. when miserable, watch a movie or read a book, unless you cry at strange bits of book. I read the same bit today and nearly cried again!

Lila chewed off her collar and lost her registration tag.

pretty sick of the world today. but I wasn’t miserable for long. I was everything for a while. unusual.