slightly drunk

yesterday was melbourne cup day. I should’ve mentioned that, in the city as far away from Melbourne as you can get, lining the streets were saddening ladies in their fancy dress hats and gaudy dresses visiting one after the other various pavilions with free champagne and wide-screen TVs.

i’ve been going into the city every day, seeing movies and reading for hours at cafes. today I saw freddy vs jason, which was as awful as they get. the 3rd matrix came out but was far too full. next time; or kill bill again, i’ll probably like it better a second time.

trina and roger and ronnie came over for dinner. I shut my door, Ronnie came and opened it.
I said, “shut it.”
she said, “no.”
I said “yes.”
she said “no.”
this went on for quite a while until I got up and shut it and she started to cry. I was slightly drunk at the time.

I am more drunk now, and have been playing trivia in a chatroom for about three hours. i’m coming third out of 50 people who’ve been playing for months, apparently. I keep getting asked how old I am. now i’ll watch late-night-TV and/or videos for 10million hours ’til I can sleep.

paper done!

printed out that paper of mine and handed it in. articles and references excluded it was 20 pages. articles and references included it was closer to 40. had a hard time finding a stapler that would hold them all together. I fixed up the one I was unhappy with a bit so I ended up being satisfied with the whole thing, but know it’s not a HD. I could write HD papers every time. I could work hard. why don’t I?
I think i’m too much in the present.

I went into town after handing it in. I bought a new hat and went to see Runaway Jury. it was pretty bad. spent the rest of the day reading, in various places, than came home and watched TV, always there for me. on the bus into Trinity Beach I saw that the bus out of Trinity Beach had crassssshed. why one I wasn’t on?

found daydream’s christmas present and half my mother’s. and something terribly frustrating: 2new christmas my little ponies are out. that’s fine, they’re rather suckful anyway. but now the ones i’ve got already come with a free video! what’s up with that?!

been getting pseudo-friendly messages from mr evil. will not deign to read more than the first line. would be glad if he’d just die. consider that a request.

my confirmation name is Teresa

went to bed hours ago so very tired, but instead of sleeping I change positions every 2 minutes. so.

all I did today was work on my lifespan paper, due tomorrow. i’ve finished it, I suppose, but am dreadfully unhappy with the last piece. but am stuck and just can’t fix it. maybe i’ll be able to in the morning.

in between doing that I watched Poltergeist and What Women Want and helped Sarah with her English essay, which she has to memorise and write under exxxam conditions tomorrow. I have to do the same thing for anthropology, so told her my special trick for memorising a whole essay for a day, after which it dissolves into your bloodstream to nourish your .. toehairs.
oh, bloodstream. I finally finished Andromeda Strain. i’d been reading two other books in between. it was better than i’d expected, better than Rising Sun; the ending is great. Tomorrow, or possibly tonight if sleep continues to elude, i’ll start Binary.

I also bought a watermelon, honeydew melon, canteloupe, pineapple, passionfruit and grapes and made the hugest fruid salad ever. I could live on fruitsalad. I also have kiwifruits and strawberries, but they are too special for salad, and peaches, but they don’t go in salad.

things to do this week:

  • clean the aquarium. oh, buy filters!
  • cajole someone into calling a pest-sprayer and have the carpet-fleas murdered. and buy some cat-flea and de-flea Buddha. oh, how painful and unfun for everyone that will be.
  • label my videotapes so people don’t tape worthless music videos and epsiodes of nypdblue over them. ugh.
  • file my nails to a consistent length.
  • move the withered fern inside, somewhere I will remember to water it every day.
  • renew some domains.
  • switch from vodafone to telstra. ’cause all my family is on telstra and it’s cheaper to ring telstra from telstra. which is sneaky, and I should switch to virgin because I love Warren. but I won’t. i’ll switch to telstra.

pesto fettuccine

Sitting on my bed, laptop appropriately in lap. I’ve four chargers on the floor beside: mobile phone, camera, computer and mp3 player, all plugged into the same outlet as two lamps, a clock, fairielights and the stereo. Any minute now I expect to burst into torturesome flames or tears. Wait, tears doesn’t relate! Okay, scratch tears. Tasty, vitamin and bacteria filled minature oceans of pain and despair.

Woke up at 6am after dreaming I’d made friends with a thick-necked red kangaroo who roamed city parks. Went to Cairns Central and met Bronwyn, Nicole and Melissa at Tosca’s, where they serve¬†fettuccine¬†toscani, with a very subtle pesto sauce, I simply love it, only the “small” would feed about 8 of me so I rarely order it. I suffer lots of guilt about wasted food.

Anyway, after that I went looking for summer clothes. I have few summer clothes as I dislike them; those I have are simply very light, thin long sleeved shirts, light, thin long skirts. I didn’t find any adequate summer clothes, but did find a sweater at 75% off, so got that instead. I’ll be able to wear it in perhaps 4 months. Also bought a Buggs Bunny DVD.

After that! Went to my sister’s audition (she had to do two monologues). Mother and I weren’t allowed in, so we pressed our ears to the door. It sounded good, except she paused and said “um” once. My favourite part was “yes, it’s because you’re deformed, you unfortunate cripple!” She came out smiling, then hyperventilated and cried.

Came home and watched Carrie. Sarah hadn’t seen it, and for the first half asked a question every 2 minutes. “Is that her mumm? What’s wrong with her? Who’s that? Is that her mumm? Is that her house? Is that her room? Why did she do that? Who’s that? Why do they keep close-upping on that guy?”

Ate sushi: tuna and avocado wrapped in seaweed and brown-vinegar rice with wasabi and soy. A very small amount of fruit salad: pineapple, watermelon, canteloupe, approximately four chunks of each. 2 party pies, 2 gummi bears, and 1 fortune cookie. My fortune: the will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.