O how I’d like to move

a day late:
does everyone put up their xmas tree on December 1st? it’s been a tradition in our family for 4259806 generations or something. Sarah does it because she is a bossy boots.

oh, 2checkout is back up, but I was banned from the forum for my little comment. how rude.

these holidays I plan to:

  • re-learn to knit, or learn to crochet.
  • locally expand my business. i’ve begun a site for it, will start looking into advertising.

mmm.. that’s all i’ve come up with so far. 🙂
well, I could add “learn to drive” to it, if I thought I really would.
oh, and if I don’t transfer my degree down South, I would like to still move at least out of this family-filled house and into a nobody-filled house.

if I listen to Vulture Street, I begin to think it really isn’t so bad. but then when I hear their old stuff I realise there is just no comparison.