silly Sarah

been feeling better today. I cleaned my room! and! cleaned out my drawers and filed all my old uni books and notes in a big box and put it in the shed. so now i’ve heaps of room!

this evening Sarah came storming at me for putting my black washing in on top of her white washing, thereby ruining her white washing.
I said, “but before I did my washing I took out all the washing that was already in there and put it in the dryer.”
she said, “I took the dry washing out of the dryer when I did my washing,” like I was very stupid, but I just couldn’t understand her point. (wasn’t she complaining about the washing machine? what did her little interaction with the dryer have to do with it? my little interaction with the dryer was pertinant, because it’s where i’d put the washing she seemed to be accusing me of just dumping my black washing on top of. how many loads of washing had been done today, anyway? does a washing machine have a limited number of washes in it, the way cells have a limited number of divisions?)
“um. there was nothing in the washing machine when I put mine in, because i’d taken it out.”
then she screamed, “when I put mine in at the beginning of tonight…!!!”
the beginning of tonight?
then I said, “Sarah. I did my washing this morning.”
she’d put hers in on top of mine, thereby ruining her own white washing. but just made a face and stormed off and slammed the door, like it was still my fault. later she said it was my fault for leaving my washing in the bottom. I apologised, then stabbed her 89 times in the stomach with an umbrella sharpened to a deadly point.