Sarah’s birthday

Sarah opened my door to peek in, and my eyes opened from 1-second-ago deep sleep. she waved, so I waved back. she pranced in. “it’s my birthday! you’re supposed to wake me up!”
I made some noise. it takes me at least a couple minutes to become coherent. she turned off my air conditioner and started poking around.
I groaned under my pillow. “do you want your present?”
“get out and i’ll give it to you.”
“haha, you have to get up,” as she left.
as soon as she’d opened it I went back to bed for four hours.

I caught the bus to Uni, to pick up my lost lifespan assignment they’d found. i’d been worried because hanging around waiting for the stats exam to start, Michelle had invited herself to my table, after which crowds of people did the same. they’d all picked up their assignments already, and were complaining/bragging about grades.. Michelle only got a distinction, imagine! and of course accused Dionne of being nonobjective after their little spat. so she’d gone to Miranda about it, who said it was because she hadn’t added enough personal reflection.
“oh, yeah,” said the Canadian beard, “I got an HD and I had pages of opinionated personal reflection.”
uh oh, I thought. I hadn’t included any personal reflection, to my recollection. so I was thereon convinced i’d fail, and flipped open the report today with almost trembling hands. well, almost almost.
and! 84%. I was so glad not to fail. but why, why do I always get 1% below an HD?

as I was reading over her comments, I spotted something that really bugged me. she’d repeated several times throughout the semester how a scientist never says proved or disproved, but “supported” or “not supported.” yep, I know, first years know that.
so. in a critique of a newspaper article, i’d said, “[this article] in fact implies that the theory of personality stability after age 30 is an antiquated notion which has been ‘disproved’ by this study.”
she’d crossed out the word disproved, despite its quotation marks, and written “unsupported.” that stupid blind woman. the word disproved is what makes my point; unsupported makes it not even a point at all. she hadn’t even read it, just saw that forbidden word so only gave me a distinction.

but if I cared so very much i’d spend more than a day on assignments anyway.

I went into Shanti Shanti today to buy a necklace. the girl at the counter said “haven’t seen you for a while!”
she didn’t look the slightest bit familiar to me.

went to Bangkok Rose while Sarah had her party, but I ended up going home before it was over. stayed locked up and finished Bride. I couldn’t understand Theo at all, I wish I could know her. I hope she did commit adultery with Cole. disliked the author extremely by the end.