ugh so hot

my doing anything is relatively improbable. it is very hot. the pool is also hot. it’s past midnight and it is still hot.

today I read a lot. watched care bear videos. made a new layout. learnt to purl. closed my US bank account. received an ebay skirt and a letter from centrelink informing me my youth allowance has been cancelled. ate about a billion tictacs and a vegemite sandwich cut into triangles.

a remarkable amount of business email/problems/emails concerning problems. only half of them are resolved, ’cause two servers are down, one for 13 hours and counting, and all I can do is wait, except I want to go to bed, although considering the prompt attention to server issues my provider has, there is a good chance they will still be down by the time I wake up. and three cancellations, unrelated to the downtime. some fan-site girl yelling at me for not fixing her blog.

Buddha continues to eat tinsel and vomit it back up.