no rest for the excellent

“…he was wondering if love came in other colors than the basic black of none and the red heat of obsession.”

Semester 2 subject results have been postponed and will be released on Monday, 15 December 2003.
don’t know if I can wait that long! i’ve never been interested in my results before, usually completely forget to look and stumble upon them in students online while looking for something else. but i’ve worked harder this semester than I have in any other.
hmm. I could’ve failed the experiment design final and i’ll still pass that one.

someone found this daily by searching for “nanna poems for sick nannas” !!! I hope she gets better.
“his heart attacked him” also deserving of two !s.

I just smeared my eyeliner all over the place. you can tell i’ve written this entry over an entire night. well I went and saw s.w.a.t. … that was fun to type. the movie wasn’t that great.
it’s really really late. I won’t be sleeping.