rinse, repeat

didn’t sleep! I knew i’d be going into town so by the time I thought of going to bed it was only briefly, then decided against, because it was 7am and I would have felt worse for 2 hours sleep. for a while this morning speaking was more difficult than usual. otherwise fine. except daydream said “are you up early, or are you still up?” and I said “it doesn’t matter.” mumm told me he later asked her if I was okay because i’ve been “worse than usual” to him.

livejournal comments from x! same unimaginative insults. for some reason he feels compelled to keep me updated about his funny little life. although this is the first time since he announced, dramatically as usual, that he would be suiciding. it is evil to think “I wish he had.”
I had posted a reply as hurtful as can be, but screened them both again within 5 seconds. ’cause he’d only post a million times if he saw I was paying attention. he also posted pictures of himself lol. why?!

went to get some Christmas things, i’ll still have to go back one more time. I hate shopping when everyone in the world is simultaneously shopping in the shop I am shopping in.

went, for some reason, to see Scary Movie 3 with Sarah. why, why would I do that? it was awful. horrible. the whole time was spent wanting to leave. afterwards I helped her find a gift for mumm and daydream, decision between a spaceship toaster or a winerack. a gift they gave her money to buy! they also gave her money to buy me one.

she is having another partie tonight. ee. the first one was bad enough. and the boy who hung around afterwards is beginning to unnerve me. yesterday on the bus I was staring at a grate rattling in the ceiling. he was two seats ahead of me but still managed to be facing me. in the corner of my eye he looked up, stood up, rummaged in his bag for something, came up with an empty Red Rooster box, tore a piece off, crumpled it up and wedged it between the grate and the ceiling. it didn’t work. then he tried conversation. that didn’t work, either.

the day after the partie, neighbour Sally came over supposedly to sell raffle tickets and weep about an unfairly failed exam. instead she complained about the partie noise for an hour.
“what I can’t understand is why a Monday night. people don’t HAVE parties on Monday nights. WHY Monday night?”
“it was her birthday.”
“I don’t fucking care! I might as well have been sleeping on your fucking porch!”
mumm said later, “i’d thought she was joking at first! I didn’t appreciate that at all.” [emphasis in original]

I will probably go to Atlantis for tea with mumm and daydream. don’t want to. if I hadn’t already seen a movie today (& one yesterday, which is still technically today), I would go and see one instead. I will probably need to sleep soon, though.