tree skeleton sky cutouts

I walked to the beach last night. walking along the promenade, black with pinpricks and rumbling flashes with tree skeleton sky cutouts, and um, waves roaring/whispering.. makes me feel..
uh. makes me feel.
like I did when I was ..
bah. anyway, wish I could record stuff like that.

and still haven’t slept. I lay down for a long time, and read a whole Piers Anthony book. wrapped presents. Sarah had another party, a bigger one, though she’d said it’d be smaller. at least it was a Saturday. they ate everything lol ..they cooked the ravioli for god’s ache. and some drunken one kept knocking on my locked door and mumbling my name with a teenaged-boy voice. I bet it was that same one. didn’t open it, obviously.

I do feel stupider than usual.
mumm told daydream what I was giving him for Christmas. I nearly got mad! how fun that would have been.

oh, I bought a giant my little pony. I know I said no more. I couldn’t help myself. it was giant! and pink! with a strawberry! and was $16! the small one was $20. so, you see, I had to. I will count how many I have tomorrow. and maybe take a picture. but you know I am half as love-ful of them as I was a few months ago. especially the new ones.

um? I talked to nanna Trish on the phone. half the conversation was about elephants. well, elephant penises. we’d both watched the same documentary. i’d never seen an elephant penis before. it does look like another trunk. she said she thought there was another elephant standing behind it. it wouldn’t’ve been so amusing if the elephant hadn’t been running around with elephant-babies chasing him thinking he was playing with them.

and mumm told me that when she was little, poppa Russell once pulled the chair out from nanna Trish as she was sitting down, so that she fell and hit her head on the bench behind and sat there and cried. she couldn’t remember what poppa Russell’s reaction was. i’ll email nanna tomorrow and ask if she remembers.
thinking about those two makes me so sad.