werk stuf

my learner’s permit expires today.

my romantic literature lecturer still says hello with my name every time he sees me. he is dearly adorable. he once brought the first pictures his children ever drew to a lecture to point out that people always see eyes first.

i’ve been working on a new website for the business. i’ve already redesigned it twice.. but this one is the best. i’ll keep it. i’m doing a new and fancy order form. it is taking ages to get it right. I moved the billionaire’s sites to my good good server due to that downtime I mentioned.. and now he’ll be paying $30 per month, as opposed to the same per year. I have to get a new SSL certificate for the caravan park site; the place I got the old one from kept telling me it expires on the 20th when it expired on the 13th! but i’ve been trying to contact the owner for ages getting her to pay me, and she just never calls back, so she deserves an expired certificate. the matchmaker site guy sent an outraged email that his site was down, ’cause he happened to check it during the 2 seconds I was rebooting it after updating the kernel.
lol now I recall why I usually don’t record business stuff. I will re-adopt that habit.

daydream is away for five days getting his diver’s license. he had to pass a physical first. he failed it, the doctor saying that he would never have a licence, and Must always be accompanied by a special handicapped-diver attendee. so he went to another doctor and passed, not even for a handicapped licence, for a normal one.
mumm still isn’t letting him go on free diving trips without her, though. and since she can never go, neither can he.
it seems that people always assume doctors are male, unless it’s specified they’re female. both the doctors mentioned above were female.

before today (on an infomercial) I had never heard of newly married couples saving the tops of their wedding cakes to eat on their first anniversaries. I love newly married couples.