bugs & disembodied wings

ee! how behind on both my dailies I am. it’s because I haven’t been doing anything. because it is holidays.

it wasn’t as hot as usual, because it was raining. although I vigorously cleaned much of the house so got very hot anyway. then I went swimming, because the pool is cool when it’s cloudy. then it started raining again. when it rains all these funny little bugs come out of the grass and their wings fall off. so there were all these funny little bug wings in the pool.

I hate bugs and their disembodied wings in the pool. I spent an hour attempting to scoop them all out.

oh yeah, I was home all alone all day until 7pm! that was fun. I made jelly and watched Catch Me if You Can. two separate people on two separate occasions told me i’d love that movie. I didn’t.