shopping today. I bought allll my last xmas gifts except one, which I have to go to Smithfield for.
I spent alarming amounts, and only a small percentage was actually on stuff for anyone else. I just impulsively buy everything I see.

found a shop called “Crackerbox Palace” that is full of furniture and stuff from the 60s. wow. only I didn’t have enough time to buy piles of stuff from there too because I noticed my phone was ringing, only I had sound turned off.
“i’ve been ringing you for half an hour,” ’cause she was supposed to pick me up.

today was the day the year 12s OPs were published online. at 9am, before I left, Sarah was reloading & reloading the website, which every other year12 in the state was also reloading.
so I had to leave without knowing. she said she’d SMS me when she found out.
when my phone beeped I scrabbled wildly for it! and!
she couldn’t find out because she hadn’t changed her PIN from the default. so has to wait for the letter in the mail to come to find out.
she has to get a 13 to get into Griffith, they said she’s already accepted based on her audition, so. she’d better get at least 13.

went to Trina’s for tea. Roger had been fired, so it was all gloomy.
plus they served food with cheese on it. lots and lots of cheese.