she’s coming

very tired.
i’ve been having bad, bad headaches the past three days, so’ve been mostly curled up in the dark concentrating on them.

Trina and co. came over to get drunk tonight, and some explosive argument broke out involving screaming and crying and a shrieking 3 year old. Trina and Sarah, and mumm, defending Sarah. Trina came to see me and explained it all and tried to get me to agree with her, but, of course, I agree with no one.
beforehand, she and mumm had been talking in the kitchen.. I came out of my room and distinctly heard my mother whisper, “shh, she’s coming.”

this morning we went to Smithfield to get my last xmas present. while we were there I cajoled her (mumm) into getting heaps of clothes. because she always wears the same stuff.
she said, “well you always wear the same stuff!”
but I don’t.. all my stuff just looks the same.

except I bought a bright red shirt. I will wear it Christmas day. I haven’t told anyone yet. oh, how shocked they will be.
this sounds flat. it is because I am flat. I have a headache.