dear diary,

a cat walked across my keyboard just in time for the title of this post.

all sites with background music should have an option to cease. that music.

today a boy my age was eaten by a crocodile. his friends (mates) looked on (horrified) then scrambled up a nearby tree, where they remained for 22 hours until they were rescued by bellypopper. helicopter.

I went and had my forms signed by a Justice of the Peace, my mother’s seamstress. I stepped in, and she said, “I didn’t know you were Amber’s daughter!”
“um, yep,” I said.
“how’ve you beeeeeeen?”
“um, fine…” I didn’t recognise her, obviously.
“we took a multimedia class together,” she said to Amber.
then she talked for 800 hours about how very hard it was, and how very intelligent I had seemed, in this class.
“oh, well, she taught herself HTML at 14,” said Amber.
gross exaggeration on her part.

then the car wouldn’t start. so I left her to wait for the battery people and went home.
oh, i’d renewed my learner’s permit earlier. not sure why. especially since you have to wait 13 hours to do anything at QLD transport.
waited on the outskirts of Quicksilver while Sarah tried on 50million pairs of bathers. when the girl was ringing up the one she’d chosen, she took my arm and dragged me over to the corner: “doesn’t she look awful?”