most importantly! I just drank coffee and now feel nauseated. so it is definitely bad.
christmas christmas christmas day!

1. Sarah burst into my room at 8am, leaping me frightfully awake. although she says I leap frightfully awake when she but peers in.

2. the unwrapping of many presents. I gave:

  • mumm the book, already mentioned, and Reign of Fire DVD, because she loved it, for some reason.
  • daydream the golf glove, and an abstracty wall-clock.
  • Sarah a personally constructed! body-shop kit, a strawberry poster, a “the dog” giant-headed dog, the gift certificate.
  • Trina and Roger: alcohol.
  • Veronica: Toy Story DVD, a “the dog” giant-headed dog (k I love those).

mumm gave: daydream a hammock and shirts, Sarah a medium to large pile of crap including a discman, me a stereo system.
Sarah gave: mumm and daydream the wine-raque, me a silver bangle and ring.
Trina and Roger gave: mumm the Nickelback CD (ugh), daydream a golf “tip a day” calendar, me Catcher in the Rye and Sarah a shirt.

3. I answered email. ever since that day I said i’d received more emails than usual i’ve been receiving more than usual every day. business emails, I mean. i’d prefer the other kind. and other than spam kind.

4. Barbara arrived. she stepped up to give me a hug, I involuntarily backed away, she stepped up again and hugged me anyway.

5. Trina & co. arrived. so the unwrapping of their presents and presents to them ensued, which they enthusiastically filmed…

6. everyone sat around and drank, I set up the stereo. then lunch, then more drinking.

7. took Ronnie for a swim, though the pool was hot. then everyone went for a swim. then I sunbathed for the first time all year (because I realised such tanlessness doesn’t go well with colour, only black), but it was too hot to for long.

8. then everyone left for siesta, and I went to sleep.

9. mumm woke me up to go to Trina’s for dinner, which was very small, but chocolate dipped strawberries! I ate some. feel guilty. then we watched the video they’d made. then Roger made atrocious coffee with his new coffee-making machine and forced it upon us, which is why I feel ickie.

the day wasn’t as bad as i’d thought. Sarah was fun/funny, there were no arguments, and Ronnie stuck stick-on earrings all over me. I collected the jokes from bonbons; they are all so very bad.

how do you start a bear race?
ready, teddy, go!

i’m glad it’s over. and Meaning of Life is on, hurrah!