I just ate pavlova. and to think I felt bad about chocolate strawberries, yesterday!
when Ronnie asks for chocolate, she pronounces it cholocolate.

well, boxing day, and to think I bought nothing. i’d thought they’d insisted on leaving excessively early, to get to the movie, but no. we were an hour before it started and there were already 3 layers of frantic crowd. when I came out I imagined the building would collapse from the weight of all the people on the upper level.

it’s just started raining, and I distinctly felt the temperature rise 10 degrees.

I came home and was lying down. I picked up Memoirs of a Geisha.. just to see what it was about, mind you, because I was currently already in the middle of a book and I hate reading two books at once, because I always lose one.
well I read the first page. and couldn’t stop. that was at about 5pm, it’s now around midnight, I just finished it. my eyes are burning.
I hadn’t even noticed everyone had gone to bed. I did stop for dinner..

I wrote a few bits from it in my (new!) notebook. this is the first one:

“his face was very heavily creased, and into each crease he had tucked some worry or other, so that it wasn’t really his own face any longer, but more like a tree that had nests of birds in all the branches.”