not much

bought 3 books: Angela’s Ashes, While I Live, and Forbidden Love.
Forbidden Love, what a horrid name for a book. i’ve finished While I Live already. there were a few Australian phrases which made me laugh, such as a family of drunks who “can drink less piss for a while.” also learnt how cows are castrated.
well. boy cows. which are too young to be bulls. calves.
steer? no, I looked it up. that’s after they’re castrated. how rude. they have fillies and colts, but calves are just calves.

mother bought a new mobile phone, which is more like a computer, and has internet. $900. i’ve added it to my list.
unless I move. should I move? it seems stupid. I don’t know. I would just like the present to last as short a time as possible.

i’ve an ulcer at the back of my mouth, which hurts terribly when I swallow. so I can’t help swallowing 20 times a minute.