bugs in eyes

Sunday, for nothing. it has thundered all day. I barely left my room. watched Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.. after watching LOTR, the Hugo Weaving seems so very young, in Priscilla, even though he is not.

i’ve been running out of hard drive every so often, and keep having to delete things. despite having a 30GB drive. so I finally backed up my mp3s (which took 3 700mb CDs), but then realised I wouldn’t be able to delete them, because i’d only be able to listen to one CD at once! so I backed up my movies and episodes of 80s cartoons (which took around 5 CDs) and deleted them. hurrah, spacious.

Ronnie was here all day. her parents came over for a barbie (very drunk already) and took her for a swim. suddenly she started screaming and wouldn’t stop. it was a terrible, shrill, top-of-the-lungs screaming. no one could figure out what was wrong until she looked up and her left eye was black. her eyeball, I mean. she had some giant black thing stuck in her eye, and we couldn’t get it out for hours. she screamed the whole time, the entire town must’ve been tearing their hair out. I felt so sorry for her. especially when they tried to flush it out in the shower and she went completely psych-o.

Trina finally called the doctor, who came around (’cause it was about 7pm by then), but by the time he arrived we noticed it was gone. gosh, it was stressful, though. someone had said, at one point, “it must be a bug that’s flown into her eye. if it is, it’s probably wiggling around, causing all sorts of pain.” ee. that wasn’t a nice thought. wiggling bugs in eyes.