I did say that Roger had been horribly fired, yes? well he’s a helicopter pilot. he got a one time job today with Channel Ten to fly up to some beach or other and hover around so that they could photograph Daniel John’s & Natalie Imbruglia’s wedding. haha. how stupid is that. they wouldn’t’ve been able to see anything ’cause you’re not allowed to fly below 1000 feet at a public gathering.
the things you know when your family’s all pilots.

guess what I got in the mail today! well it probably arrived days ago but i’m slack about checking my pobox. a Christmas card from Pluto! hurrah! I sent her an email a week or so ago but.. I think she didn’t get it. or I used the wrong address. I have another one, somewhere.. so will try that.

well, new year’s eve, of course. everyone went off to their separate celebrations, and I stayed home and watched Amadeus. it should be on my list, if it’s not.