movies is all I do

a customer, today, used a very underhanded and transparent scheme to get their money back. and I let them, I gave it back, though I could easily have said no. I even wrote out a long-windedly polite no. but I didn’t send it, I sent a short but still polite “very well,” and felt sad all morning. then I felt fine, and now I feel sad again, but for a different reason.

I ran out of endep today, again (prompting thoughts of responsibility, or ir), but feel as though I haven’t been taking it for weeks.
which doesn’t mean i’m feeling bad. just .. well. I don’t know. that’s it.
well at the moment I feel bad. but ordinarily I wouldn’t. I haven’t felt bad, just unstable.

I watched Identity today. I like to watch movies with Sarah, because we find the same kind of thing amusing, and make funny comments all the way through it. yesterday, I forgot to say, I went to see Brother Bear with her.

mm hmm yeah.