love fish

I just sickened myself on sugar-free gum.
I read Self by Yann Martel, I suppose now i’ll have to read Life of Pi. I loved the idea of eyes thick with love fish, of course I did. the book itself was kind of pointless, but.. well they all are, so.

in the car we were talking about currencies, because of the US$3 i’d requested. she said a Scottish woman came in with Scottish pounds. she asked, “does Ireland have Irish pounds, then?” and found out that Ireland is on the Euro. then she said something daydream (a European) had said, about how England should be fenced off from Europe and impenetrable, and the Scottish woman said, “well I hope he doesn’t include Scotland in that!”
she told me that story, then that Scotland and England hate each other. “although it’s the same everywhere, like Cairns and Townsville, or Australia and New Zealand.”
“yeah,” I said, “but those are good-natured hatreds.”
she asked me to repeat it two times before she understood. then I repeated it the rest of the way home. good-natured hatreds. good-natured hatred.