because I could, I got a lift into town today, though I didn’t know what for. I mean I didn’t have to do anything. I just wanted to leave the house, and my bedroom smelling of turpentine. oils take days to dry. it’s infuriating.

so I went wandering and window-shopping. window-shopping turned into actual shopping, and i’m afraid I spent lots of money, despite resolving not to. most of it on a single outfit. it’s a very nice outfit! just expensive. and too fancy for every-day, except I never wear anything but every-day. so i’m dumb.

but I also got a book called Top Australian Short Stories, or something. didn’t I buy Angela’s Ashes a while ago? I can’t find it.
and went to see Lost in Translation, (sucked. added 26/09/2010: omg wut. I fucking love that movie. did I really not like it? inconceivable!). that reminds me:

  • today an old man, tufts of white fairy floss on an otherwise shiny noggin, two rows ahead of me, started to snore. after every buzzing exhale the entire cinema erupted in giggles. it only happened two and a half times – the giggles woke him up.
  • another man, just now, lying on the grass using his dog as a pillow, head slightly trampolining with every dog-breath. he lifted it (his head) to check his watch, and the dog shifted position. when he let his head drop to find this, he reached up and rolled the dog back, to rest his head again.
  • as I take photos of everything around her (a couple doing yoga, kids kicking a pink football, pigeons ritually dancing, dog-pillows, etc), a redheaded girl in a bikini every now and then eyes me warily. I think if I were male she’d jump up and slap my face.