yo it’s 2004

I still accidentally type/write 03. but everyone does that for at least January.

mumm desperately doesn’t want Sarah or me (again) to leave (she says something about it every day). so much so that she suddenly wants to have another child.
problems with her having another child:

  1. she’s too old. as a result of various famous people waiting until their forties to have children, many people think that it’s entirely possible, for everyone. it isn’t. plus there are increased health risks for both mother and child. plus she’s over the legal age limit for adoption (and you have to have been married for 5 years. don’t even get me started on that).
  2. she’s infertile. it runs in the family. it took five years and chemical assistance for her to fall pregnant with Sarah.
  3. daydream’s muscular dystrophy, I think it is, is a dominant gene. if the baby inherited it, its life expectancy would be about 30.

she first told me about it a couple of days ago, and we’ve talked about it since, looked into options, etc. then daydream told her today he didn’t want children.

ah, the uncompromising daydream.

  1. mum misses Melbourne and her family down there terribly. she wants to move back. daydream doesn’t want to move.
  2. mumm has big trouble with the 40degree heat. her house isn’t air conditioned, only the office and bedrooms are. she desperately wants to have the house air-conditioned. daydream doesn’t want to. daydream spends all day, every day in the air-conditioned office. why would he need an air-conditioned house? 🙂

ah. okay. I usually remove stuff like that, once i’ve written it. but nothing happened today, and I can’t have no entry!
not that I write stuff like that often. ahem.