my name ain’t Joshie

got a lot done! business stuff, mostly, that i’d been putting off. it’s a relief.
one of my servers has been continually failing. terribly. but i’ve only lost one customer.
and I know, I know, that something will go wrong while i’m in Melbourne. i’ll have my laptop, but I will probably only be able to check email once a day or so. and i’ll have to get someone to check my pobox and tell me if cheques or anything arrive.

I made a lovelie new forumm theme for xentrik. since one day hundreds of people will be using it and there will be thousands of posts.
there will!

Ronnie came running to say bye, “bye Joshie!” I blew her a kiss and she blew one back. she is the darlingest kidd.
except she made me read her the same book 259864 times in a row.