my nanna every now and then sends me instalments for her biography, lots of anecdotes and things about life 60 years ago. they’re just the most fascinating thing ever. her family, her mother especially, was so terribly cruel to her.

that reminds me. they had another beach barbeque. I made it quite clear that I didn’t wish to attend. they made me. I sincerely hope it doesn’t become a regular occurrence. but that’s not what I was reminded of.
while at the beach, there was a fat sarong’d woman with her mongrelish dog tied up in the playground. he whined constantly, so after about an hour she took him down to the beach and let him off the lead for a swim. he almost immediately got into a vicious fight with another dog. the sarong’d woman stood on the beach and watched. when the owner of the second dog came running up, she threw her hands up and said “I can’t do anything!” I think she just didn’t want to get her sarong wet.
anyway, second-dog-owner ran out into stinger-infested waters to pull the dogs apart, which he couldn’t do. every time he got his dog away the other dog would come after it. so he finally took his dog out into deep water so the sarong’d woman’s dog couldn’t reach them. at this point sarong’d woman finally hitched up her sarong and went after her dog, dragging him out of the water. the other guy went up the beach a bit before coming out of the water, and carefully looked over his dog for fang-inflicted injuries.
by now sarong’d woman had got the lead back on her dog. she took the end of it and, using it like a whip, lashed the dog over and over, across his back. she stopped to talk to someone, and I sat back down, after jumping up to run over and yell at her. 5 minutes later she started again, this time lashing at his head.
the other dog owner yelled at her from up the beach a bit, “there’s no need to bloody whip him like that!” then ensued a 10 minute long argument which I was too far away to hear, ending with the guy stalking disgustedly off down the beach.
sarong’d woman came back up to the park and tied her dog in the playground for another few hours.

what else. Roger had said a few weeks ago that if there were ever spare seats on one of his helicopter flights out to the reef, he’d ring me. so i’ve been breathlessly waiting. and he rings today, of all days, when I am far too busy to go. but I am usually never busy!
oh, yes, he got his old job back, but being paid far, far less. I think it was all a scheme to just pay him less. part of his new contract is that he exhibit appropriate behaviour towards co-workers, or something.

today I prepared for my week-long visit to Melbourne, leaving tomorrow. am ambivalent about it.
and I watched a documentary on killer ants. one species, in South Africa, killed people by “suffocation and invasion of the lungs.” ee.