in Melbourne! well, Geelong, actually, but I call it all Melbourne.

when we got to the airport to leave we saw that the departure time for the flight was 11:20, despite our itinerary saying 10:20, so we had heaps of time. I tried to be nice to daydream, who was driving us around, because I noticed Sarah being consistently bad to him.. how does he enjoy life with three bitchie females?

well, I ordinarily look forward to flights so, and enjoy them heaps. i’ve always wanted to just fly around the world, visit every city, not even leaving the airports, just because I enjoy flying so much. the little meals, the award-winning in-flight entertainment, changeovers and finding your seat, hoping no one’ll be sitting next to you. but I didn’t this time. I just wanted to get there, I was bored and uncomfortable. maybe it means i’ve grown.

daydream was supposed to ring ahead and let dad know that we’d be arriving an hour late, only he didn’t :/
after collecting our luggage dad said to me, that a computer? gesturing to my laptop case. when I said it was, he said, you don’t need a phone line for that, do you?
yes, I do, I said. to go online.
uh oh!
yeah, he has no phone line. and I was dreading life with one! I never imagined he’d have nothing at all. my poor customers. he said he’d take me to an Internet cafe tomorrow. I dickheadedly said I’d only need to go every second day, because I felt bad…
but there’s no use worrying about it!

his house is so.. quaint. all the houses here are great, because they actually look nice. they’re not just the cyclone-stablest possible solution of cement blocks, like in Cairns. gosh, I hate Cairns houses. the old Queenslanders are awesome, but they’re all old, they don’t make them anymore, and they’re all being torn down or renovated.

he has Foxtel, so we’ve just been watching that for ages. it’s a running joke. couch potatoes. we both are, Sarah and I, although I am well aware of its many, many evils.