Clifton Springs

today has been very strange. we woke up and mumm had messaged us both, because she found out our University offers last night. we couldn’t because of dad not having a phone line. so.
Sarah didn’t get in. she knew weeks ago she’d been accepted to JCU Townsville but didn’t really want to go there (she calls it bumtown, despite the Powerpuff girls living there). I guess now she’ll have to, or nothing.
I, on the other hand, got accepted to my first preference, Griffith in Brisbane. I hadn’t expected to get accepted to any at all, let alone my first preference, since it’s so competitive. I suppose that top 2% thing wasn’t a mistake after all.

but i’ll think about that later. today! breakfast, which would never have happened under any other circumstances but staying with someone i’m uncomfortable around. then a drive to Clifton Springs and Ocean Grove, where I was a kid. gosh. talk about flashback. it was so very strange. when something has existed for so very long in your memory it’s like it couldn’t possibly actually exist anymore. only it does, and it’s not much like the version in your memory.

we went past my nanna Trish’s old house, which was exactly how I remembered it, only a miniature version. I remember running along her porch and it seemed to go forever. it’s actually rather short! and the house in Clifton Springs I lived in until grade 5. a tree he’d planted when it was first built has since grown to gargantuan proportions. the playground nearby: upon seeing it I remembered the shoe slide, with huge rope shoelaces, even though it’s now gone. and Our Lady, Star of the Sea, my primary school. I wouldn’t have recognised it at all, not because it’s changed, just because my memory doesn’t work. but I remember so very much..

Mexican lunch and a barbeque dinner. I’ve eaten so much today I feel quite odd. Sue rang, she’s coming down Sunday arvo, hurrah.
I said arvo. what an Ozzie I am.