in Melbourne

city today! to stay the night and do lots of shopping and take lots of photos. only, of course, I forgot my camera cable so I couldn’t download them to take more. ee. so I just had to delete some (hopefully) non-essential ones (it’s so hard to tell on the LCD) and fill it to the brim.

went to Chadstone shopping centre, which is about 99 times the size of Cairns Central. there were rows and rows of surfie shops, all Sarah’s style, and I was a bit horrified. but then there was a whole wing of designer shops and my style, so yay. $100 ankle length skirt (it took a lot of looking, there being surprisingly few black ankle length skirts in the world) and a long flipsy coat. tomorrow I will look for some shoes.

then! to the casino. i’ve never understood the attraction my family has to casino, both sides, they’re addicted to poker machines and such. tonight was the first time i’ve ever had fun doing so myself! although by the end of the night I had consumed:
1 classic margarita
1 midori splice
2 bourbon&cokes
3 lemon ruskies
and would probably have had heaps of fun doing anything at all. overall I put $30 into the machines and walked out with $40. also spotted the most gorgeous boy i’ve ever seen in my life, and stalked him for about 10 minutes until I spotted a pokie with fairies and frogs. I pick them by how prettie they are.
the machines, I mean. 🙂