still in Melbourne

slept in! I love hotel rooms and could just live in them forever. although I suppose everyone could. had fruit salad and a croissant at buffet breakfast. then! caught the tram! O I love the tram. it took an hour to circle the city and get off where I’d gotten on. then I wandered about staring.

the buildings are all so old, reminding me of Yale, one had been built in 1850 (old for Australia, I should’ve said, super-old for Queensland, where nothing is over 100). and Melbourne has so many parks, the streets are wide and lined with trees and trams.
I love trams.

bought some shoes, oh ho, hee hee, ha ha. got lost in arcades and alleyways, peeking into tiny apartment windows with flowerboxes, everything much more interesting and colourful. Westgate Bridge, Flinders street station, and a million other things I recognised on sight but wouldn’t otherwise have remembered. I desperately wanted to visit Williamstown, but did not.

the landscape, outside of city, is so different, like a different country. flat and gold with skeleton trees. it is so dry down here.