mmm, notable today. back in Geelong. took the ferry to Sorrento. it was miserably cold (for which I came unprepared) and rainy; perfect ferry weather. dolphins escorted it, and the water was so clear. cold water must be clearer, I think.

found a perfect telephone in an antique shop. but! with great strength of character I refrained from purchasing it.

Sarah and I go unpredictably from cold shoulder to hilarious in 5 seconds flat, 99 times per day. it’s exhausting.
it’s horrible, horrible of me, because she was so disappointed, and I do so want her to be happy, but a tiny whimpering part of me is glad she won’t be coming to Brisbane this year. I know she’d want to live with me, and she breaks me.
I love her, of course. especially when she sucks her thumb. but i’d like to not see her until she’s an adult.
not that I am an adult.     .. .