family <3

finally! something grand. Sue, Dean, Chris, Sharnee and Missie came down from Williamstown to see Sarah and I. Sharnee is 5 and Missie is 4, and I had never met either of them. Chris (my cousin, there are so many Chrises) I hadn’t seen since he was about 12; he’s now 16. he was like our brother for five years growing up, but barely said two words to us today..

Sue is slightly frantic, because.. I shouldn’t post it. but it’s so funny.
Chris lives with his father most of the time. he told Sue that a friend had stayed over.. while his dad was out.
Oh.. where did he sleep? she asked.
With me, was his answer.
Oh.. you mean head to toe? she asked.
No, was his answer.
Oh. Well, did you do anything? she asked.
Yes, was his answer.
oh my, mymy. he told her they’d given each other head. I knew it. I knew it when he was only 8 years old.

she’s frantic because
1. her twin brother, Anthony, is gay, and suffered lots of abuse.
2. her husband, Dean, is a speck-minded fag-hatin’ yobbo.

well anyway, today was the best day yet. I love the girls. they were so, so! I was so shy at their age. they had arguments over who’d sit on my lap. they leapt on us with rib-crushing hugs when it was time to leave, demanding to know when they’d see us again. they will certainly be my photo for today.