I ended up going to sleep around 5am, and getting up at 1pm.
went for a walk through the far too hilly, rainy, hot suburbs of Trinity Beach. filled out forms for Uni.
Griffith has about 4325896 campuses around Brisbane for all its different degrees. so I can’t have any interesting electives because they’re all at different campuses. Mt Gravatt basically only has psychology, criminology/law and theatre.
i’ve already done more than enough electives, but don’t want to transfer them because on a lot of them I only got credits. of all of my flaws, I despise my .. I don’t know what to call it. lack of effort in everything I do. lackadaisicalness.

so i’m hereby making a new year’s resolution. I will maintain a 5.5 GPA.
currently it’s 5.125, because I only got a pass in visual arts, and a pass conceded (which is technically a fail) in environmental science. but i’m certainly not transferring credit for those, so it’ll go up!