jewels in my mouth

unpacked today! only because it was impossible to get from my bed to the door without stepping on big piles of stuff.
the pool is cool from all the rain, so I swam, and sunbathed for 10 minutes. so i’ve a slight tan. I just can’t lie there for much longer than.

watched movies, although they were ones Sarah had rented: American Pie 3 and The Sweetest Thing. I couldn’t watch all of either of them, especially the latter. terrible. &! read Angela’s Ashes. it’s reasonably good, but entirely empty, except for one bit about Shakespeare’s words being like jewels in his mouth. i’ve now a faint desire to watch the movie, but too faint to actually go out and rent it.

oh, Sarah. since she didn’t get into Uni and is not sure what she wants to do, she’s applied for a traineeship. you work and go to class once a week and finish with a certificate in what you’ve been working in, as well as the work experience. the woman who interviewed her said she’d be best suited to fashion retail. and Sarah cried. I suppose she’d hoped to be destined for bigger things than fashion retail. I told her that after she has the certificate she can apply to Uni again for fashion design.

only slept 3 hours. I don’t know why I was able to daysleep yesterday, because I can’t usually, and couldn’t today. I had a two-hour nap later, but forgot to turn on the air conditioner, so woke very uncomfortable.
i’m a hot sleeper.