somewhere to live

my hands seem larger than usual. but! so does anything when you stare at it 4395866 hours in a row.
I haven’t been able to sleep. I go to bed around 1am and to sleep around 5, every night for four nights, and the last three waking permanently up 3-4 hours later.

I found somewhere to stay, a student lodge type place. i’ve a room in a 4-room apartment for $160 a week. she said, is this your first year?
I said, yes, without really thinking.
oh, i’ll be sure to put you in with someone fun then.
oh, no, I thought. I don’t want fun people. I want silent people.
so I have to send $890 so she’ll save it, because by the time I get down there everything will be taken.

finally got around to my day of distraction! but nothing noteworthy happened. mmm. um. had miso soup. I love soup. if someone is ahead of me on an escalator (otherwise I walk) I stand to one side so people can pass me (I mean, I don’t pass people, I don’t like to get that close, but it’s okay when others pass me), and if the person ahead of me isn’t standing to one side, the passer breathes down his or her neck until he or she moves aside; what I was going to say was that 15 people passed me today all in a row, and the person ahead, who wasn’t initially standing to the side. saw a goanna crossing the highway. walked the dogs and Lila jumped on an obese lady; I said sorry, but she wouldn’t look at me, just mumbled and kept walking. watched several 10-minute chunks of Finding Nemo. bought my third red article of clothing. Sarah wore my clothing and left it in a wrinkly pile on the floor. lol

started reading The Children’s Bach, or whatever it’s called.. and will now likely finish it.