5 hours sleep seems to be my limit
headache, silence, solitude.
and storms. headache and monsoon go well. humidity, it’s hard to breathe.

booked my flight to Brisbane for the 21st, only $90 one way.
damn tomorrow. I sent an official academic transcript request and meant to pick it up and mail it, it needs to be there before the end of this month. but it’s Australia day!

so, instead:
dye my hair
solid black or red boxer shorts, they must exist, and I will find them
that means going into town, and that means
movie! last week I went twice despite there being nothing on, and now there are two things on and i’ve been in town every day but haven’t gone.

oh yes, daydream’s been offered a job in California. they’ve offered $70,000, he’s going to ask for $75, and if they agree he’ll take it. can you believe that? right after I move, for god’s ache. they’re going over there this April, anyway, to visit people. he and mumm.

took a quick look at job ads in Brisbane, and now I want to be an audio transcription typist.