so! happy australia day. I nearly said christmas. wrote.. typed.
I slept! a significant amount. but woke up with my headache worse. but now it is gone! it disappeared sometime this afternoon after 30 ibuprofens.

gosh gosh gosh. it is so very warmmm. there have been big storms.
it hails in Brisbane, you know, my nanna’s car smashed and crumpled from hail.
ee. I am funny today.

tomorrow i’ll go to uni. to pick up my forms. then send them express.
then, if it isn’t raining, which it likely will be, i’ll try sunbathing again.
then i’ll dye my hair. but i’ve been saying that every day.

right now i’m going to go down to the shopping centre and tax some milk crates, since it is the DEAD OF NIGHT and every one’s abed. dark air dissolves like acid’s paper.