today I did everything I had scheduled! for today. most notably: I sent my forms and dyed my hair.
i’m so relieved the forms are sent. and they’ll get there in time.

slept 8 hours. ate: 1 ktime bar, 1 pita wrap, penne. and some grapes.

over a year ago mumm mentioned to Nanna Cutts in a restaurant that I was on a diet.
“Good for her,” was nanna’s automatic reply.
nevermind the fact that she’d commented the day before on how thin I was. it’s always good for a girl to be trying to lose weight. even if she ought to be on a diet to gain weight. ’cause that’s what diet means, now: trying to lose weight. that’s what she assumed it meant.

I don’t understand her. I don’t understand how someone like her could be mother to nanna Trish. I couldn’t love my Nanna Trish more. in Brisbane i’ll visit her lots.
plus i’ll get to ride the train for an hour to her house. yay! train!

of course, a lot of bad mothers have perfectly wonderful children. so. my hair is made of worms.