with a beanie

there are many, many things for which I am only in the first stage of change.

went out for dinner with mumm today. O how she will miss me, she says every day, for she truly believes I am her soul partner. we’re a lot closer than .. hmm. I think i’m closer to her than she is to anyone else. but I often think that although she must know me best out of everyone who knows me, there is so much she doesn’t.
but then! at Lunico, where we went for dinner. upon walking in I immediately noticed the bartender, but after a cursory glance I didn’t look at him once the entire night. until! she said after ordering, “the bartender looks like someone you would be interested in.”
! that is the second time she’s done it. picked exactly the type of person I would be interested in, if I were to be interested in people. but she hasn’t actually met anyone i’ve .. been interested in. well, one or two. who were of different type!
“how do you know who i’d be interested in?!”
“I don’t know, I just have this idea. tall, thin and grungy. with a beanie.”
k, don’t know where she got the beanie from.
but I was very careful to not look at him at all, after that.