care bear!

Sarah got me a care bear! yay!

but. there is so much I won’t be able to take with me. why do I have so much stuff? what is my obsession with stuff?┬álike my little ponies. and buddha statues. and all the things hanging from the ceiling. and mannequins! how stupid.
just today I bought a little twisted whisker cat. but it was so soft and cute!

that’s one of my first stages of change things. continuous collection of worthless junk. I promise all the time to stop.
well? this time I will really stop.

Sarah has an interview with Pink accessories tomorrow. it’s a stupid little shop in the mall that sells hairclips and hats and purses and toesocks. I bought my toesocks there. and only wore them once. they’re in my stuff I never wear drawer now.
well I have three of those drawers.
I got sidetracked. I was going to say, hurrah! Sarah has a job interview. she had been talking about moving to Brisbane and living with me. without actually asking if i’d want. her to live with me.